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173 High Street, Berkhamsted
associated engineer
date  circa 1279 - 1299
era  Medieval  |  category  Building  |  reference  SP990080
Possibly the oldest timber-framed building in the country, the building that stands at number 173 in Berkhamsted's High Street looks deceptively straightforward on the outside. Its shopfront is nineteenth century and not particularly noteworthy.
However, it conceals an extraordinary survival: medieval timber framing circa 1279-99. On the second floor is a crown post with decorative elements, and English Heritage have identified evidence of where the original first floor projected out over the ground floor. In the back of the shop is a fully functioning well.
The importance of the building is a recent discovery (since 2000). The building's new owners decided to investigate when they found big discrepancies between the building's exterior and interior dimensions.
The building has received two English Heritage grants, one for investigations and one for conservation work.
"High-street Restore" by Mark Palmer
Heritage Today, June 2004, English Heritage

173 High Street, Berkhamsted