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Michelin Building
Fulham Road, London
associated engineer
LG Mouchel & Partners
date  October 1909 - December 1910
era  Modern  |  category  Building  |  reference  TQ271787
ICE reference number  HEW 2322
Built for the Michelin Tyre Company, the exhuberant exterior of this Fulham landmark conceals a excellent example of an early Hennebique ferro-concrete structure.
Three storeys high, the building's concrete structural elements include internal columns, lintels, floor and roof beams, and solid and hollow block floors and roofs.
When the building was converted to its present use (after 1986) as retail space with offices and a restaurant, 1300 detail drawings were needed to enable 60 steel columns to be inserted into the Grade II listed fabric to support a new fourth floor.
The tyre company sold the site in 1985. They had carried out two further developments of the original building. The first was in 1912 when they expanded to the rear of the site, using space left aside for the purpose. Further work was undertaken in 1922.
Architect: Francois Espinasse
reference sources   CEH Lond

Michelin Building