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King's Norton Stop Lock
Stratford Canal, King's Norton
associated engineer
Josiah Clowes
date  after 1793
era  Georgian  |  category  Locks  |  reference  SP054795
ICE reference number  HEW 975
The stop lock at King's Norton was built to control the flow of water from the new Stratford Canal, which begins here, into the existing Worcester and Birmingham Canal, which was at a lower level.
The lock has an unusual design: it features a pair of vertical guillotine-style gates, made of timber with a metal frame. It is also unusual in having a road bridge crossing the lock chamber.
Each gate is set in a cast iron guide frame and is raised using a winch. A lifting chain runs over a large pulley wheel and single sheave pulley. A counterbalance weight is suspended by a chain in a 'well' on the side opposite the winch. It too runs over pulley wheels attached to the gate framework.
Clowes was the first engineer for the Stratford Canal, which was to take many years to be completed. He is best known for his tunnelling expertise but may well have been involved in the building of locks.
These days the gates are kept permanently open, since the level of the Worcester and Birmingham Canal has been raised to that of the Stratford Canal.
reference sources   CEH W&WBDCE1

King's Norton Stop Lock