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Pendeen Lighthouse
Pendeen Watch, north of Pendeen, Cornwall
associated engineer
Sir Thomas Matthews
date  1900
era  Victorian  |  category  Lighthouse  |  reference  SW378359
The Pendeen light was built as part of a major expansion programme undertaken by Trinity House in the late 19th century. The North Cornwall coastline, although regularly used by a large number of vessels, had previously lacked significant navigational aids.
At 17m, the Pendeen Lighthouse is a relatively low tower. It has a large single-storey accommodation at the rear. The combined buildings required a large amount of flat land, so the cap of Pendeen Watch was removed and the whole headland flattened. A large retaining wall had also to be built on the seaward side. Once the major earthworks were done, work proceeded relatively quickly.
An electric lantern replaced the original oil lamp in 1926. The lighthouse was automated and de-manned in 1995.
Contractor: Arthur Carkeek
Original lamp: Messrs Chance, Birmingham
Research: PS
"The Lighthouses of Trinity House"
Richard Woodman + Jane Wilson
Bradford on Avon, Thomas Reed Publications, 2002
"Lighthouses: Their Architecture, History and Archaeology"
Douglas B. Hague + Rosemary Christie
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Pendeen Lighthouse