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Flamborough Lighthouse
Flamborough Head, East Riding of Yorkshire
associated engineer
Samuel Wyatt
date  1806
era  Georgian  |  category  Lighthouse  |  reference  TA256707
Wyatt's lighthouse at Flamborough Head was the first on the site to be illuminated. An earlier tower had been built by Sir John Clayton between 1669 and 1674 but never lit.
This is the only tower designed by Wyatt stiil to serve as a lighthouse. However, it is not his only contribution to lighthouse history. Wyatt was also the architect responsible for designing the Trinity House headquarters in London.
Flamborough Lighthouse was built in 1806 at a cost of 8,000. The tower holds only the light and the access stairs. Accommodation for the keepers is provided in adjoining buildings.
The optic was unique at the time of installation in that it showed one white flash followed by two red.
The lighthouse was automated and de-manned in 1996.
Contractor: John Matson
Optic: George Robinson
Research: PS
"The Lighthouses of Trinity House"
Richard Woodman + Jane Wilson
Bradford on Avon, Thomas Reed Publications, 2002
"Lighthouses: Their Architecture, History and Archaeology"
Douglas B. Hague + Rosemary Christie
Llandysul: Gomer press, 1975

Flamborough Lighthouse