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Wadham Road Viaduct
North Circular Road, Waltham Forest
associated engineer
Sir Owen Williams
date  1930
era  Modern  |  category  Bridge  |  reference  TQ383910
ICE reference number  HEW 2261
A 300ft long road viaduct built for the Ministry of Transport as part of the North Circular Road. It crosses a large area of low-lying land and a railway line.
The deck is made of eight concrete slabs measuring between 32ft and 40ft long. Williams used a number of different types of beams to support these.
Although made up of three slabs, the section over the railway is was designed to act as one continuous slab, 99ft long, supported by four rows of five columns. Since the railway passes under the viaduct at an angle, the section in plan of these columns is a parallelogram -- two sides parallel to the railway and two to the viaduct.
The rest of the viaduct's 200ft span is made up of five 40ft sections. The gaps between each act as expansion joints. They are supported by rows of V-shaped colums, with the V placed directly under the expansion joint in order to support adjoining slabs.
The V-shaped columns are raked and steeply tapered, measuring approx 1ft 3in by 2ft 6in at the bottom and 3ft 3in by 2ft 6in at the top.
Although Maxwell Ayrton acted as consulting architect, his influence seems to have been limited to designing the parapets. This stands in stark contrast to the earlier Lea Valley Viaduct (now demolished), also built as part of the North Circular Road project, where William's structural designs are obscured by Aryton's architectural additions.
Contractor: W. & C. French
Site engineer: H.F. Naish
Architect: Maxwell Aryton
Research: PS
"Wadham Road Viaduct" by G. Welch
Concrete & Construction Engineering, issue 25, 1930
reference sources   OWCEH Lond

Wadham Road Viaduct