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Lea Valley Viaduct, site of
North Circular Road, Lea Valley, London
Lea Valley Viaduct, site of
associated engineer
Sir Owen Williams
date  1925
era  Modern  |  category  Road Viaduct  |  reference  TQ361922
photo  Owen Williams archive, part of Amey plc
This now-demolished road viaduct, crossing a long shallow river valley, was one of the first projects undertaken by Williams and Maxwell Ayrton after their collaboration on the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley.
Most of the structural design of the viaduct was hidden by Ayrton's aesthetically motivated additions, consisting of a series of structurally redundant monumental pylons. These were of in situ concrete with external decoration formed by the concrete shuttering.
Constructed for the Ministry of Transport, the viaduct was a low structure, in most places reaching only 16ft in height. After abandoning his original plan for a flat slab design, Williams reverted to a more traditional one of closely spaced cross-frames at the edges of the bridge.
In the centre, where the road crossed the Lea Valley Navigation, five lengthy longitudinal beams supported the road deck.
The picture shows the viaduct under construction and was taken on 17th July 1925. The viaduct has since been demolished to make way for a series of road widening projects.
Architect: Maxwell Ayrton
Research: PS
reference sources   OW

Lea Valley Viaduct, site of