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Hobson's Conduit, start of
Nine Wells, SE of Trumpington, Cambridgeshire
associated engineer
date  1610
era  Stuart  |  category  Water Supply/Pipes  |  reference  TL459541
ICE reference number  HEW 1942
The watercourse now known as Hobson's Conduit started life as water supply for the purpose of flushing out the 1265 King's Ditch, a defensive measure provided for Cambridge that later became an open sewer.
The water for the Conduit was taken from Nine Wells, about two and a half miles south of Cambridge.
By 1610, water flowed to Cambridge from the springs, partly via natural stream (Vicar's Brook) and partly by artificial channel. It falls 8ft in the first 2 miles. At Nine Wells, the channel was 15ft wide and 4ft deep. An obelisk was erected here in 1861.
reference sources   CEH E&C

Hobson's Conduit, start of