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Millennium Bridge, London
River Thames, opposite Tate Modern, London
Millennium Bridge, London
associated engineer
Ove Arup & Partners
date  1998 - 2002
UK era  Modern  |  category  Bridge  |  reference  TQ319807
photo  Jane Joyce
London's only bridge solely for pedestrians and the first Thames crossing since Tower Bridge in 1894. Designed by Foster and Partners with scultor Anthony Caro.
Millennium Bridge is a very shallow suspension bridge. Its high tension cables sag 2.3m over the 144m of the central span, a span-to-dip ratio of 63:1. This is around six times shallower than a conventional suspension bridge.
The four cables on each side of the deck are anchored at each abutment and propped by two river supports. The lightweight 4m wide deck passes between these cables and is supported by transverse arms that clamp onto the cables on each side at 8m intervals. The deck is made of aluminium with stainless steel balustrades and is supported by cables to each side. These cables dip below the deck at midspan enabling unimpeded views of London.
Architect: Foster and Partners
Consultant: Sir Anthony Caro
reference sources   Foster/Arup

Millennium Bridge, London