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West India Docks
Isle of Dogs
associated engineer
William Jessop
Ralph Walker
date  1800 - 1802
era  Georgian  |  category  Docks/Slipway  |  reference  TQ377800
These two parallel docks on the Isle of Dogs were the first large wet docks to be constructed in the Port of London.
The Thames was becoming increasingly congested, and efficiency was hampered by the river loop around the Isle of Dogs and because, once in town, ships had to anchor in the centre of the river or risk cargo theft.
Work on the docks began in February 1800. By August 1802 an area of 24 acres had been enclosed, with a depth of 24ft at high tide. These proportions were sufficient to accommodate 600 of the largest ships afloat at the time of construction.
The City Canal was constructed at the same time, cutting across the river loop and making the Isle of Dogs a true island for the first time. Dock works included 24 warehouse buildings and a wall enclosing the area. Walker was Jessop's resident engineer.
Contractors: Adam & Robertson.
reference sources   LG/SJ

West India Docks