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Wye Bridge
associated engineer
date  1490
era  Tudor  |  category  Bridge  |  reference  SO507396
ICE reference number  HEW 1879
This red-and-beige sandstone bridge now consists of the work of several eras, including the possible remains of a pre-1490 bridge. Overall, though, the bridge is still substantially of the C15th.
Six spans of slightly varying widths, 28-31ft, carry a roadway over the Wye in the centre of Hereford. The five piers, with pointed cutwaters, are angled slightly so as to parallel the river flow, and these vary from 14-16ft in width. Four of the arches are certainly late-C15th and, although they vary slightly, a typical span is 30ft 8in, rising 13ft from its springing and with the soffit at 18ft above low water. Traces of even earlier work remain in the intrados of three of the arches.
One of the six arches was rebuilt completely in 1645 and another, that nearest the south bank of the river, is also a C17th arch but is supported by a segmental arch of later date.
All of the older arches are set back from C19th additions on both sides of the bridge. These later arches were introduced to support the widening of the roadway by 3ft each side; work which was carried out in 1826.
reference sources   LG/SJ

Wye Bridge