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Roman Road, Blackpool Bridge
Blackpool Bridge, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire
associated engineer
date  circa 100 AD
UK era  Roman  |  category  Road  |  reference  SO653087
ICE reference number  HEW 630
A fragment of Roman road, including part of a road junction.
The section at Blackpool Bridge is 85ft long and, at under 8ft wide, is probably the remains of the second class of road, known as an actus. A road of the first class, called a via (as in modern Italian), would be at least 14ft wide.
This fragment of actus is lined by double rows of edging stones measuring 4-6in wide and 12-18in long. The central part of its single carriageway is randomly paved with rough stones, the largest of which are about 18in by 12in.
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Roman Road, Blackpool Bridge