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New Dungeness Lighthouse
Dungeness, Kent, UK
New Dungeness Lighthouse
associated engineer
Messrs Patrick of London
date  1904
era  Modern  |  category  Lighthouse  |  reference  TR087169
photo  PHEW
A brick tower lighthouse built in 1904 (on the left in the picture) to replace the 1792 version, the effectiveness of which had been reduced by the changing coastline. The tower is 136ft high with a 38ft diameter base.
This lighthouse is the fourth to have been built at Dungeness, although the first two no longer remain. Shingle deposits over the last century have left it 1500 foot from high water.
In 1960, the construction of a nuclear power station nearby meant that the light was obscured when approached from Rye Bay. Thus it was replaced in 1961 with the modern lighthouse that remains in use today (visible in the distance on the right side of the picture).
reference sources   CEH South

New Dungeness Lighthouse