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Bishopstoke Infant School
Bishopstoke, Hampshire
associated engineer
Buro Happold
date  1989
era  Modern  |  category  Building  |  reference  SU484188
A two-storey, circular building with a prominent conical roof. The engineers' challenge was to provide a path for wind loads on the roof and facade without impeding the open plan of the school. This was achieved with interior shear walls arranged radially from an open, circular area at the centre of the building.
Each of these walls is made up of a series of panels angled, or "folded", in slightly different directions. This method avoids visual monotony inside the building and increases the resistance of the structure. Wind load reaches these interior walls by means of interleaved sheets of plywood under the flatter portion of the roof.
The floor of the upper storey, which is made of concrete, also links to the shear walls at half-height, providing a horizontal path for wind load from the facade.
Architect: Hampshire County Council Architects
reference sources   LG/SJ

Bishopstoke Infant School