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Birthplace of Abraham Darby I
Dudley, West Midlands, UK
associated engineer
Abraham Darby I
date  1678
UK era  Stuart  |  category  Birthplace of Engineer  |  reference  SO947905
Birthplace of Abraham Darby I, the great ironmaster whose innovations and work at the Coalbrookdale Foundry were instrumental to the achievements of the Industrial Revolution.
Darby was born into a Quaker family in a house called Wren's Nest, overlooked by Dudley Castle. He served at a foundry in Bristol, where he experimented with the use of a dry sand mold which would enable cooking pots to be made from iron, rather than the more expensive brass.
Although pleased with the cheaper pots thus produced, his masters tired of Darby's experiments, and he moved on to his own forge at Coalbrookdale. Here, out of the existing furnace which had been damaged, he built his first coke furnace and for the first time ever, smelted iron using coal rather than timber.
His son and grandson carried on his work at Coalbrookdale, although all were shortlived. The first Abraham Darby died on 5 May 1717 at the age of 39.
reference sources   LG/SJ

Birthplace of Abraham Darby I