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Site of William Fairbairn's Workshop
associated engineer
Sir William Fairbairn
date  1817
era  Georgian  |  category  Building  |  reference  SJ841985
High Street, Manchester is the site of the first engineering workshop of Sir William Fairbairn (1789-1874), set up in 1817 on the spot where the Arndale Centre now stands.
Of humble origins, Fairbairn was befriended by George Stephenson who recognised his talents. Fairbairn's achievements included work on Stephenson's tubular bridge over the Menai Straits; his own patent of wrought-iron girder based on Hodgkinson's principle; numerous waterwheels, ships, bridges, iron-framed mills and forms of industrial machinery.
Fairbairn was president of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 1854 and was created baronet in 1869.
reference sources   LG/SJ

Site of William Fairbairn's Workshop