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Tilt Viaduct
Blair Atholl
associated engineer
Joseph Mitchell
date  1863
era  Victorian  |  category  Railway Viaduct  |  reference  NN872651
An elaborate wrought iron and stone viaduct, built to carry the first railway track north into the Highlands, for the Inverness & Perth Junction Railway.
Joseph Mitchell was the son of John Mitchell, Telford's famously fierce deputy in the Highlands. He needed his father's determination to carry out the construction of the northern railways, battling with recalcitrant landowners whose properties had to be crossed.
The Tilt Viaduct crossed the River Tilt where it enters the River Garry, on the land of the Duke of Atholl. The Duke was opposed to the entire scheme but was persuaded by the Duchess his wife; the ornate design is a concession to the Duke's feelings.
The wrought iron span of 150ft runs at 40ft above the river, and is trussed with riveted and bolted diamond lattice work. The stone abutments are topped by arched and castellated portals, and secured to a platform of 6in timbers set at 3ft into the riverbed and fastened to piles.
The span has since been strengthened with additional steel bracing.
Ironwork: Fairburn & Sons of Manchester
reference sources   LG/SJ

Tilt Viaduct