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Findhorn Viaduct
Tomatin, Highland
associated engineer
Murdoch Paterson
date  1897
UK era  Victorian  |  category  Railway Viaduct  |  reference  NH805288
A stone and iron viaduct built to carry the Inverness railway across the wide valley of the River Findhorn at Tomatin. It connects, via an embankment, with the Tomatin Viaduct. These two very different bridges and the embankment between were designed in one undertaking.
The curved, trussed iron roadway of the Findhorn Viaduct runs for 445yd between masonry spans, at a height of 145ft 6in from the ground. It is topped by a smaller lattice railing and supported by eight tapering stone piers, which reduce in height as they meet the rising side of the valley.
The two piers which flank the river stand on plinths, whereas the others plunge directly into the earth. The whole provides the impression of a massive, lofty sweep across the valley.
reference sources   HighBr

Findhorn Viaduct