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Sheerness Boat Store
associated engineer
Col. Godfrey T. Greene
date  1860
era  Victorian  |  category  Building  |  reference  TQ909752
This four-storey structure at Sheerness dockyard is a very early example of a multi-storey, iron framed building.
The frame relies on joint stiffness rather than bracing for its stability, and is 210ft long, 135ft wide and 53ft high.
Internally, the building is divided into equal thirds along its width. The central third is open from floor to roof, and is flanked on each side by the four storeys on which the boats were stored.
The frame is composed of cast-iron H-columns on a 30ft by 15ft grid. Riveted, wrought iron girders, 18in deep, connect the columns longitudinally, and these are crossed by cast-iron beams, 12in deep. The columns are supported on pile foundations, and the ground floor is of concrete slab.
The other floors are timber, supported on the iron frame and additional timber beams. 24in deep, longitudinal iron beams support the roof trusses.
The Boat Store is a Grade I Listed Building.
Construction: Henry Grissell of Regents Canal Ironworks
reference sources   LG/SJ

Sheerness Boat Store