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Birthplace of Thomas Newcomen
Foss Street, Dartmouth, Devon
associated engineer
Thomas Newcomen
date  24th February 1663/4
era  Stuart  |  category  Birthplace of Engineer  |  reference  SX876515
Thomas Newcomen (1663/4-1729), who developed one of the first atmospheric steam engines for pumping water from mine shafts, was born at a house in Dartmouth’s Foss Street. He was baptised four days later at St Saviour’s church nearby. The exact location of Newcomen’s birthplace is not known, though he lived in various houses in Foss Street until about 1678.
Although designed independently, Newcomen’s invention was similar enough to that of Thomas Savery (c.1650-1715) to require negotiation of patents. It is not known whether the two ever met, though it seems likely as they were born within 19km of one another.
Their lives took parallel courses — both men had been designing machines in accordance with principles established by the French physicist, Denis Papin (1647-circa 1712). Both died in London.
Newcomen is something of a mystery as there are no known portraits of him.
Until 1752, the first day of the new year in England was legally 25th March — 1st January thereafter. Newcomen was born in 1663 Old Style and 1664 New Style, usually written as 1663/4.
Research: ECPK
"The Dartmouth Residences of Thomas Newcomen and his Family"
by I.H. Smart, in Transactions of the Newcomen Society, 1988

Birthplace of Thomas Newcomen