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Roman Bridges, Chollerford
Riiver North Tyne, Chollerford, Northumberland
associated engineer
date  circa 128 AD
era  Roman  |  category  Bridge  |  reference  NY922698
ICE reference number  HEW 761
The remains of two masonry bridges can be found at the point where Hadrianís Wall meets the River North Tyne near Chesters. The first seems to have been built at the time of the wall's construction (c122-8 AD). The second, wider, bridge was built when the Military Way was added (162-5 AD).
The first bridge is likely to have been for pedestrians only. The Military Way, however, required a road bridge.
The outline of a diamond-shaped pier from the first bridge is visible in the abutment area directly west of the tower that here marks the wall's arrival at the river (east bank). The pier has cutwaters in both directions. It was built into the structure of the later bridge, now revealed by the removal of stones during consolidation work in 1982.
The first bridge is thought to have had stone arches, probably set on eight piers. The second had a timber superstructure on fewer, larger, stone piers. One is buried in the river bank. Two others have been detected in the river itself.
reference sources   CEH NorthRRB

Roman Bridges, Chollerford