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Dunsinnan Hillfort
Sidlaw Hills, Perth & Kinross
associated engineer
date  not known
era  Pre-Roman  |  category  Earthwork/Fortifications  |  reference  NO213316
Supposedly the site of Macbeth's castle, this conspicuous fort at the west end of the King's Seat - Black Hill Ridge has been considerably picked over by enthusiasts in the past. Today, its aspect is under threat from extensive quarrying of the west slopes of the hill.
The fort consists of a ruined, timbered wall enclosing 55m by 30m of the rocky summit. This is further enforced by three lines of fortification to the north and west; the east face is so steep as to need no extra defence.
The site was excavated in 1854, at which time traces of an underground chamber were found. These no longer remain.
reference sources   ScotPre

Dunsinnan Hillfort