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Camster Chambered Cairns
Lybster, Highland
associated engineer
date  not known
era  Pre-Roman  |  category  Monument, historical  |  reference  ND260442
Two of the finest Neolithic burial monuments to be found in Scotland. The larger measures 60m in length and stands along a ridge of moorland, which gives prominence to its distinctive hump-backed profile.
The smaller lies on lower ground, 200m away. This consists of an 18m diameter mound of stones, 3.6m high, containing a central chamber with an interior height of 3m. The tomb is reached by a very low passage through the cairn, in places only 75cm high.
The larger cairn is in fact a superstructure and contains two earlier, circular mounds with central burial chambers, each much like the smaller cairn. In both, the central burial chamber was reached by a passage. These remain, and were extended to provide access when the existing mound was superimposed.
The final structure has a large, platformed forecourt at the north-east end and a smaller such forecourt to the south-west, both restored after excavation. Discovery of the long cairn's structure has been important for increased understanding of how Neolithic burial sites developed.
reference sources   LG/SJ

Camster Chambered Cairns