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Woden Law Hillfort
associated engineer
date  not known
UK era  Pre-Roman  |  category  Earthwork/Fortifications  |  reference  NT771121
Typically, this Borders hillfort appears to have been built in several stages. The final, remaining structure consists of four stone ramparts and several lines of ditch and bank.
The earliest strcuture is thought to be a single rampart enclosing the summit of the hill, the north and west sides of which are so steep as to require little further protection.
However, a double line of ditch and rampart were later added to protect the more accessible slopes to the south and east of the summit. An interior, fourth rampart was constructed between 1-200 AD.
Finally, an earthwork in the shape of an arc and consisting of a line of three banks flanked by two ditches circles three-quarters of the hill, with further banks and ditches below. These later constructions are thought to have been used for military exercises by the Romans based at temporary camps nearby.
reference sources   LG/SJ

Woden Law Hillfort