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Ibister Chambered Cairn
South Ronaldsay
associated engineer
date  circa 4000 - 2500 BC
UK era  Pre-Roman  |  category  Monument, historical  |  reference  ND469844
Ibister means "The Tomb of the Eagles" and refers to the remains of 10 white-tailed sea-eagles among the animal and fish bones discovered in this complex tomb.
The main part of the tomb itself consists of a stalled chamber, divided into shallow compartments by four pairs of stone slabs which protrude slightly from its walls but leave room to pass. Three further side cells open from this central section.
The end compartments of the main tomb are flagged and provided with flagstone shelves, but the roof of the whole is thought to have been removed when the cavity was filled in, still in ancient times.
Excavations in the 1980s discovered the bones of 340 human beings of all ages and both sexes, sorted into bone type (such as skulls and longer bones). These are clearly the remains of corpses reduced to skeletons by weathering before burial.
Artefacts such as beads and stone implements were found in the tomb, as well as the animal remains mentioned above.
reference sources   LG/SJ

Ibister Chambered Cairn