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Financial Times Print Works
London E14
associated engineer
J. Robinson & Son
date  1988
era  Modern  |  category  Building  |  reference  TQ383810
This works was built to house the new Financial Times presses when these were moved from the paper's original home in Fleet Street.
The central structure is a 12m wide plant room flanked by two halls, one contained offices and platemaking rooms and the other contained the printing machines, and both requiring uninterrupted spans of 18m.
This was achieved by placing the fin-like, steel columns and braces which support both the roof and the extensive glazing on the building's exterior. They are placed every 6m.
The main printworks was visible through a veritable wall of glass, 96m x 16m, made up of 2m sq panes of toughened glass, 12mm thick, bolted at each corner and sealed with silicone.
At each end of the structure is a solid-walled shed, clad in aluminium, and aluminium-clad staircase towers.
Architect: Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners Limited
reference sources   LG/SJ

Financial Times Print Works