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Channel Tunnel UK Passenger Terminal
Folkestone, Kent
associated engineer
date  1994
era  Modern  |  category  Building  |  reference  TR203381
Part of the major engineering project of the Channel Tunnel itself, plus the passenger terminals and rail-links in England and on the continent.
This complex of roads, bridges and buildings at the tunnel's entrance is designed primarily for car-borne passengers, as the majority of rail passengers board at Waterloo and remain on the train.
Cars arrive through a loop tunnel, opening onto bridges leading to the platforms and tunnel opening. Although passengers need not leave their vehicles, the route is punctuated by structures which include an amenity building as well as a road and rail control centre.
The amenity building itself is a low-lying structure with a gently-peaked, asymmetrical, fabric-covered roof, intended to maximise its visibility throughout the site.
The peak culminates in a circular skylight, and a strip of glazing surrounds the building just below the lip of the fabric roof, allowing light to filter into the central concourse. At night, the fabric roof is illuminated from within.
reference sources   LG/SJ

Channel Tunnel UK Passenger Terminal