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Renault Distribution Centre
Swindon, Wiltshire
associated engineer
Ove Arup & Partners
date  1983
era  Modern  |  category  Building  |  reference  SU121854
This impressive glass and steel building covers 25,000m sq with an enormous, glazed lobby in which four car frames hang suspended.
The roof dictates the building's aesthetic. It is supported on 27, 16m high, tubular steel masts on a 30m grid. From the masts protrude perforated steel beams, each supporting an area of corrugated steel roof decking 24m sq. The beams are themselves supported from above by a total of 360 tie-rods.
At its lowest point, the roof is a clear 9.5m from the ground. It is acoustically insulated over the offices, and a false ceiling is suspended in the cafeteria. The many joints and intersections are treated and sealed with PVC. In the stunning reception area, a 180 degree view is provided through 4m sq sheets of armoured glass.
Architect: Foster Associates
reference sources   LG/SJ

Renault Distribution Centre