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Roman Aqueduct, Dorchester
Frome valley, west of Dorchester, Dorset
associated engineer
date  circa 100 AD
UK era  Roman  |  category  Aqueduct  |  reference  SY672916
ICE reference number  HEW 683
Late First Century Roman aqueduct, rediscovered in 1900, built to supply Dorchester (Durnovaria) with water from the River Frome.
The source was probably at Notton about 12 miles upstream; the Frome passes Dorchester at a level of 60ft below that of the aqueduct. The channel itself was cut through chalky hills beginning at a height of 275ft above sea-level and falling to 200ft above sea-level at the town.
It seems to have been unlined, and averaged 5ft in width with a maximum depth of 3ft, delivering a calculated 8m gals of water per day. The routing of surplus water supplies remains unknown. Places where the aqueduct was notched into the west side of the Frome river valley can still be seen, best viewed from the old Roman road at Fordington Bottom (SY672916).
reference sources   CEH 133

Roman Aqueduct, Dorchester