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Harwich Treadmill Crane
Harwich Green, Harwich, Essex
associated engineer
Samuel Pepys
date  1667
UK era  Stuart  |  category  Machinery, industrial  |  reference  TM260325
ICE reference number  HEW 1482
The only example of a double treadwheel crane remaining in the UK.
Samuel Pepys expanded the naval dockyard at Harwich in 1667 under instruction from the Duke of York, as part of improvements to fit Harwich as a base for British ships in a sea war against the Dutch.
A wooden house, 26ft 3in by 14ft 10in, provides the crane frame, from which the 12in by 10in thick jib projects 17ft 10in. The crane was operated by two men walking inside a pair of 16ft diameter treadwheels, set 4ft apart on a common axle, itself 14in sq and made of wood. The lifting chain wound around this axle to pass along the jib and over a wheel. There was no brake, and so a piece of wood had to be kept handy to jam the treadwheels.
The cost of the crane was 392 to build and it served the docks for 260 years, up through WWI.
The dockyard closed in 1928, and in 1930 the crane was moved to Harwich Green, where it stands within a protective fence.
reference sources   CEH E&C

Harwich Treadmill Crane