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Harwich Lighthouses
Harwich, Essex, UK
Harwich Lighthouses
associated engineer
Daniel Asher Alexander
John Rennie snr
date  1817 - 1818
UK era  Georgian  |  category  Lighthouse  |  reference  TM259324
ICE reference number  HEW 115
photo  PHEW
Two brick lighthouses situated in the old town of Harwich, the taller alongside the main street and the shorter on the edge of the foreshore, 220yds away.
The taller of these two lighthouses rises to a height of 90ft. The nine-sided tower tapers from a 20ft 6in-wide base to a 13ft-wide top, which is capped in stone and decorated with an urn. It contains seven floor levels and is now used as a private home. The shorter lighthouse imitates the design of the taller, but it is ten-sided and only half as high. Both towers have stone architraves over windows and doors and periodic stone bands punctuating the brickwork.
The lights replaced a 150 year old, rudimentary navigation light for guiding sea traffic into Harwich Harbour. They ceased to operate in 1863 when navigation bearing was transferred to new lights at Dovercourt.
reference sources   CEH E&C

Harwich Lighthouses