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Athnamulloch Suspension Bridge
Glenaffric Forest, Highland
associated engineer
Alaister Fraser
date  circa 1920
era  Modern  |  category  Bridge  |  reference  NH132206
A wood and iron footbridge across the River Affric.
The wooden plank walkway is 4ft wide and the bridge spans 90ft at about 9ft from the surface of the river. The pylons, linked by a decorated bar, stand 13ft tall and carry the rope-iron cable, which dips to 3ft 6in at the centre of the bridge.
On the banks, the cables are secured into the ground by ring bolts, with turnbuckles threaded in the opposite direction so that the cable can tighten or slacken.
Along the length of the bridge, each suspension rod is fixed to the cable by a looped end, bound with wire. Next to this loop, on the side of the suspension rod which is nearest the bridge's centre, is another such loop. These second loops act as stops to prevent slippage toward the bridge's centre.
Below the deck, the rods are attached to the lower cable by the same method, but without stops. The abutments are made of stone and the approach to the bridge is flanked with wooden fences at both ends.
reference sources   LG/SJ

Athnamulloch Suspension Bridge