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Dalwhinnie Bridge
Newtonmore, Highland
associated engineer
General George Wade
date  circa 1728
UK era  Georgian  |  category  Bridge  |  reference  NN639828
This bridge over the River Truim is a good example of early methods of stone arch construction in the Scottish Highlands.
The main span is 30ft across and rather flat, because the river floods less dramatically here than in other places. There is a small flood arch, 10ft in span and 5ft high.
The clue to the date and construction of the bridge lies in the voussoirs, which do not radiate evenly around the ring but are more horizontal at the bottom and more vertical at the top than in more recent bridges. It is suggested that this is because the arch would have been built first without mortar, which would be poured in at a later stage in construction.
To build the bridge this way, the lower stones would be corbelled out from the abutments and the upper, jammed at angles by smaller flakes of stone. The construction suggests that this bridge predates the Telford roads; the parapet is now missing, but the bridge is still safe to cross.
reference sources   HighBr

Dalwhinnie Bridge