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Broomhill Bridge
Grantown-on-Spey, Highland
associated engineer
John MacKenzie
Charles MacKay
date  1894
UK era  Victorian  |  category  Bridge  |  reference  NH996223
This remarkable timber bridge across the Upper Spey is one of the last survivors of its kind. Apart from some metal facings, plates and rivets and the granite abutments at either end, the bridge is entirely of wood.
It has 15 spans and the deck is supported on wooden trestles, two of which stand on one bank and three on the other. The remaining nine are in the water and these are braced above by triangular trusses which rise higher than the three-bar parapet and protrude lower than the deck, where they provide ties for the trestle beams.
With peaks 6ft 3in tall and bases more than 20ft wide, these bold timber triangles give the bridge its distinctive zig-zag appearance.
The support trestles themselves are constructed of five posts each, a perpendicular central post flanked by angled sideposts. Each set is reinforced by horizontal planking from base to half-way up the height of the pier; above this they are supported by a cross of diagonal beams.
A massive, round-ended beam tops each trestle, and these bear the five, longitudinal beams which support the roadway. Previous bridges on the spot were swept away but this has lasted well, although it required partial reconstruction in 1987.
reference sources   HighBr

Broomhill Bridge