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Stanwick Earthworks
Aldbrough St John
associated engineer
date  mid 1st century
era  Anglo-Saxon  |  category  Earthwork/Fortifications  |  reference  NZ185116
This series of late Iron Age fortifications is the most extensive in Britain. Its exact purpose is uncertain, although it is thought to have been a short-lived site intended to provide a centre of resistance against the Romans as their empire extended northwards, during the first half of the first century AD.
A supplementary theory suggests that it may have been the stronghold of the breakaway Brigantes tribe.
The fortifications of Stanwick encompass 850 acres of land, circled by deep ditches which lie between parallel constructed mounds. Stone ramparts also exist, having been partially reconstructed from fallen stones when the site was investigated by Sir Mortimer Wheeler in 1951. A section of the dig has been left open for view.
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Stanwick Earthworks