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Corbridge Bridge
Corbridge, Northumberland
Corbridge Bridge
associated engineer
date  1674
era  Stuart  |  category  Bridge  |  reference  NY939647
ICE reference number  HEW 995
photo  PHEW
A seven spanned bridge with chunky masonry piers and abutments, this is thought to be built on Roman foundations.
In 1771 this was the only bridge on the River Tyne to survive the massive flood of 17th November, when the water rose high enough for people to be able to touch it from the parapets.
The spans of the bridge are of various widths, from 44ft to 64ft. The south span was rebuilt in 1829. In 1881, the bridge was widened from 12ft to 15ft. This was made possible by moving the parapets outwards and supporting them on stone corbels.
reference sources   CEH North

Corbridge Bridge