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Elvet Bridge
River Wear, Durham, UK
Elvet Bridge
associated engineer
Not known
date  circa 1225
era  Medieval  |  category  Factory/Industrial Plant  |  reference  NZ274424
ICE reference number  HEW 1868
photo  Jane Joyce
One of two Medieval bridges across the River Wear in the city of Durham in the north of the country. The present Elvet Bridge replaced a slightly earlier one that was in the same location, and is one of only three bridges left in England with buildings on them.
The first bridge on the site (circa 1170) was known as Pudsey’s Bridge, after Bishop Pudsey. It was rebuilt as Elvet Bridge in stone, with 14 arches. Ten of the original arches survived until 1978 and seven can still be seen. Three of these are land arches and two are hidden by buildings.
The bridge was repaired in around 1500, and again in 1771 when a flood that devastated many of the bridges on the Wear and on the rivers Tyne and Tees, destroyed three of the spans.
The surviving original spans range from 7m to 9.75m. Their pointed ribbed arches feature three orders of decoration.
In 1804-5, the upstream side of the bridge was widened using a plain-soffit structure, and increasing the total width of the bridge to 9.1m.
Research: ECPK
reference sources   CEH North

Elvet Bridge