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Turnford Aqueduct, the New River
New River, Turnford, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, UK
associated engineer
William Chadwell Mylne
date  1854 - 1855
era  Victorian  |  category  Aqueduct  |  reference  TL360048
ICE reference number  HEW 277
Little information is available about the construction of Turnford Aqueduct, which lies just north of Turnford Pumping Station on the New River, an early canal constructed to bring drinking water to London from Hertfordshire. This section dates from around 1855, part of the 1850s works to straighten a number of loops, shortening its route by almost 20km.
The four-arch brick aqueduct was designed by New River Surveyor William Chadwell Mylne (1871-1863), son of Robert Mylne (1733-1811), who had also been Surveyor. The two central spans are wider than the outer ones. The aqueduct conveys the waters of the New River across Turnford Brook. These days it also crosses an access path between recent housing estates.
Contractor: Thomas Dowcra
Research: ECPK, JJ
reference sources   CEH Lond

Turnford Aqueduct, the New River