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Gloucester Street Bridge, MSJ&A Railway
Gloucester Street, Manchester, UK
associated engineer
William Baker
date  1848 - 1849
UK era  Victorian  |  category  Bridge  |  reference  SJ837975
ICE reference number  HEW 1548
This bridge (No. 62A) forms part of the main line route of the erstwhile Manchester South Junction & Altrincham Railway, which passes over a brick viaduct and several bridges as it passes through the city centre.
Gloucester Street Bridge has seven cast iron rib arches, unlike other bridges on the line that have only six. Each rib was cast in five sections and bolted together, with cross bracing from cruciform cast iron members of varying depth.
The bridge has a square span of 15.5m and being diagonally across the road, a skew span of 21m. It carries the twin rail tracks on cast iron deck plates, and has parapets of rectangular panels.
On the bridge’s northern side, facing Whitworth Street, there are two reinforced concrete beams obscuring the cast iron arches behind them. These prestressed concrete beams, and a concrete deck, were added in 1959 as part of a general strengthening programme of main line bridges in the area.
Resident engineer: Henry Hemberow
Contractor: David Bellhouse
Iron founder: E.T. Bellhouse
Reserach: PD

Gloucester Street Bridge, MSJ&A Railway