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Trent River Crossing
Sawley, between M1 Junctions 24a and 25, south west of Nottingham, UK
associated engineer
Sir Owen Williams & Partners
date  April 1964 - May 1966
era  Modern  |  category  Bridge  |  reference  SK464309
The River Trent crossing spans the river’s flood plain, carrying the M1 motorway on a concrete bridge/viaduct.
The structure has five spans — a 38.4m central span, two 27.4m flanking support spans and two end spans of 28.3m each. Its four tapering piers are constructed from concrete laid in situ. They support monolithic flared cantilevers that project 10m along the axis of the carriageway and some 3m either side of the pier heads, perpendicular to the carriageway.
Suspended decks of precast concrete join the gaps between the cantilevers. These consist of 15.2m long, 0.9m deep ‘I’ beams. The road's wearing surface is laid over an in situ concrete top slab, which rests on lightweight concrete infill over the decks and cantilevers.
The bridge is included in a Highways Agency scheme for widening the motorway between Junctions 21 and 30. Work on the bridge is scheduled for a possible start in 2010.
Main contractor: Brims & Co. Ltd.
Research: ECPK
reference sources   OWW

Trent River Crossing