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Lower Tamar Dam
River Tamar, northern Cornwall and Devon border, UK
associated engineer
James Green
date  1820
era  Georgian  |  category  Dam/Reservoir  |  reference  SS294108
ICE reference number  HEW 1488
Lower Tamar Dam, on the Cornwall and Devon border 4.8km east of Kilkhampton, was constructed to provide a feeder reservoir for the Bude Canal.
The earth dam was built in 1820 by James Green, to retain a reservoir of 21 hectares in a catchment of 1700 hectares. The dam is 7.9m high and 165m long at crest level, and was the first dam south of Derbyshire more than 6m high. The top water level is 134m above sea level with storage behind the dam of 182 million litres
Although the canal was closed in 1891, the reservoir was used to supply water to the Bude area via the Venn Treatment Works until 1978.
The reservoir, known as Lower Tamar Lake, has been a Nature Reserve since 1951 and is now a coarse fishery.
Research: ECPK
reference sources   CEH South

Lower Tamar Dam