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Wheldale Power Station
Wheldale, Castleford, West Yorkshire, UK
associated engineer
Not known
date  October 2001
era  Modern  |  category  Power Generation  |  reference  SE431264
The power station at Wheldale Green Energy Park converts the mines gas that leaks out of the adjacent colliery (closed in 1987) into electricity. Natural gas can be used as a back up fuel supply.
Mines gas, or coal mine methane (CMM), can affect the environment more than 20 times as much as excess carbon dioxide. It usually comprises 60-75 percent methane with a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. It tends to build up in the voids of mine workings. The Wheldale mine shafts were capped and sealed, allowing the CMM to be captured.
The power plant has a capacity of 10.6MW — enough electricity for 8,000 homes — and should reduce methane emissions from the mine by 85 percent.
The energy park has a projected 15 year lifespan. The power station within it is known as an ‘embedded’ (or sometimes ‘distributed’) generation scheme. It was built by a Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) Generation Ltd, Clarke Energy and Alkane Energy UK Ltd joint venture. Alkane operates the plant under agreement to SSE.
Engines: Jenbacher
Research: ECPK
"The Big Issue", a feature on Clarke Energy, Construction, September 2001
document in PDF available on www.clarke-energy.co.uk

Wheldale Power Station