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Agecroft Power Station, site of
Agecroft Road, Pendlebury, Manchester, UK
associated engineer
Henry Newmarch Allott
date  23rd September 1925, 1962
era  Modern  |  category  Power Generation  |  reference  SD802017
The Agecroft Power Station site, located between the River Irwell and the Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal, has seen three coal-fired power stations. The last closed on 1993. The cooling towers and chimneys were demolished in 1994.
Before the power stations, there was a manor house on this site. It was dismantled, shipped to the USA and re-assembled in Richmond, Virginia.
Agecroft A power station opened on 23rd September 1925, and had four 25MW generators. Agecroft B and C opened in 1962. Each sub-station had a 116MW generating unit (boiler and turbine), giving a total capacity of 232MW. They were supplied with coal from the nearby Agecroft Colliery, which closed in March 1991.
The complex had two chimneys and four hyperbolic cooling towers. Cooling water was extracted from the River Irwell. The power station was operated originally by Salford Corporation Electricity Department, and later by the Central Electricity Generating Board.
Agecroft closed in March 1993 and dismantling began soon afterwards. The chimneys and cooling towers were demolished on 8th May 1994. The site now has a mixed development of housing, parklands and a prison. HM Prison Forest Bank houses Category B male offenders and opened in January 2000.
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Agecroft Power Station, site of